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Haptonomy or Talk to Baby through Touch

Posted by Healthy Pregnancy on Thursday, March 22, 2012

Haptonomy, is the art of emotional touch, the ability to communicate through touch, in tenderness and trust. A particular method used during pregnancy, between parents and the unborn baby
Haptonomy during pregnancy, mode of employment

Haptonomy during pregnancy is to touch the belly of the pregnant woman to communicate with the baby who is inside. This is a very soft touch, very tender, and respectful of the baby.

Once the hand placed against the stomach, the first greeting to some extent, parents wait until the baby comes to lie in that hand. It takes a few minutes, and then the babies perceive the tenderness and warmth of touch and have come to lover. Then, possibly during other session’s haptonomy, parents will realize that the baby follows the hand that moves on its belly, it actually comes to the meeting.

This technique allows, apart from the emotional side, to encourage the baby to adopt the position most comfortable for him and Mom.

Haptonomy in practice.

All parental couples can practice haptonomy. If the father is absent, it is common to follow haptonomy sessions with another person who will be very present with the child after birth: aunt, grandmother or godmother, for example.

The number of haptonomy sessions and their frequency will depend essentially on parental desires and habits of the haptonome. The sessions last for most of the time from 30 minutes to one hour. They are usually distributed every two to three weeks. Monitoring usually starts from the time the mother can feel the baby move inside her. It varies by pregnancy, but usually occurs between the fourth and sixth months.

Haptonomy can be practiced by different professional’s pregnancy and early childhood. Mostly, these are physiotherapists or midwives. According to the parents' request, some haptonomes may surround the mother during childbirth.
What is haptonomy?

The first interest, and most importantly, building a valuable link between the child and his parents since before the birth.

For the mother, the baby is a reality outside the dream baby, or fantasized, she has in mind.

For the father, it is to establish communication and a connection even if it is not he who carries the child. This is for both parents the best way to realize that their baby has a personality all its own: serene, full of energy, thirsty or contact rather shy. This is a real encounter.

In the longer term, haptonomy is also sometimes useful during childbirth: the parents have become used to guide the baby in the belly and make him change his position. During the design world, so they will have the possibility to make it move until it is in the axis is more favorable. Finally, haptonomy remains useful after birth. Baby will continue to be appeased by the hand of his parents when he grows even during stressful times or painful.

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